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CX Success continues for

Reece linder 


October 13th

2018 Races and Results Overview

Reece Linder--UCI Pro series Major Taylor CX



Reece Linder--Frosty CX

--6th--Pro 1/2/3

Dallas Handy-- DL Nationals 

--2nd 20-24 PR 16:53 run

--3rd overall

Reece Linder-- Twisted CX



Dallas Handy--MLT Charlotte 

--15th A race

Reece Linder--Docs CX


Reece Linder--Capital City CX


Dallas Handy-- Age Group Worlds

--15th 20-24AG

Reece Linder-- Dirty Wooden Spoon CX


Reece Linder-- Gateway Cup (New max power)

--Day 1--10th

--Day 2--2nd

--Day 3-- 1st!!

Miles Fowler--SC triathlon series-- 3rd overall

--Bike course PR 

Jay Gump--AG Nationals 

--2nd AG 50-54

Jack Kurtz-- AG NATIONALS-- 19th AG 55th overall

--PR Bike split

Reece Linder-- IA state RR-- Cramped in two man break away 

--1st Cat 3 TT champion

Dallas Handy-- MLT Vail

--4th Overall-- 1st amateur--PRO CARD 

Miles Fowler-- 5k 

--1st overall

Grace Coller--Aquathon World Championships

--27th Age group

Dallas Handy--Mass State Triathlon 

--4th Overall  (PR)

Justin Knasel-- Big Shark Newtown Tri
--1st Overall

Justin Knasel-- NYC Triathlon
--26th Overall including Pro Field
--5th Overall amateur (4min PR)

Coach Eric Kirouac-- Greenfield Criterium 


Dallas Handy--Greenfield Criterium 


Miles Fowler--Furman Series Triathlon

--4th Overall

Jay Gump--White Mountains Triathlon Olympic

--1st Overall

Reece Linder-- Tour of Americas Dairyland




Reece Linder--


Grace Coller--Patriot Half Ironman

--3rd AG


Jack Kurtz


--1st AG--Worlds Qualification 

--70.3 Wisconsin

Miles Fowler 

--4th AG Eagleman 70.3

Dallas Handy 

--3rd Westfield Wave 

Jay Gump

--2nd Westfield Wave 

Patrick Wingfield

--2nd AG Westfield Wave 

Luke Green

--3rd Westfield Wave 

Coach Eric Kirouac--Nutmeg Games State Crit


Coach Eric Kirouac--Belltown Throwdown Pro/1


Justin Knasel--Tri Shark

--1st Overall

Reece Linder-- Burlington Road race 3/4--5th

--Snake Alley Criterium--1st

--Melon city crit--1st

--Quad Cities crit--1st 

Reece Linder--Crushed Rock Classic 

--1st --B race 

Grace Coller--Lions Spring Sprint Triathlon

--1st AG

Patrick Wingfield--Mothers Day Half Marathon

--1st Half marathon completed-- besting his goal time in 2:04:17

Reece Linder-- La Crosse Omnium 

--1st overall 

Reece Linder-- Walnut Woods Circuit Race 


Reece Linder-- Waterworks Park Circuit Race

-- 3rd

Dallas Handy--- Clermont EDR 

--Day 1-- 31st

--Day 2--18th

Melissa Teeple --- Clermont EDR

--Day 1--8th 

Dallas Handy-- Duathlon Nationals 

--Sprint DL 16th Overall-- 3rd AG and Worlds Qualification 

Coach Eric Kirouac-- Duathlon Nationals

--Sprint DL 12th Overall--2nd AG and Worlds Qualification

--Sprint Non-Draft 6th overall, AG National Champion and Worlds Qualification