TST  Multisport 

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The Team

Patrick Wingfield is fairly new to the sport of triathlon and we are focused on developing fitness for longevity in the sport and his key races this year include a half half marathon in May, the Westfield Wave sprint triathlon, and his A race will be Pumpkinman Half Ironman. Patrick is looking forward to completing an ironman distance event in the next 2 years and continuing in the sport of triathlon. 

Dallas Handy comes to TST with a strong triathlon background and BIG goals for the 2018 season. He performed very well at the Clermont draft legal challenge on both days and is looking forward to Bermuda Draft legal race in late April. He will then turn is sights to Age Group Draft Legal world championships in Australia in the fall. 

Grace Coller is a great athlete and she is no stranger to the top step of the podium either. Winning her category at Appleman triathlon. She also raced the Aquathon National Championships in Austin Texas and qualified for Aquathon world championships. We are focused on Patriots Half Ironman in June and Aquathon world championships in the fall. 

Justin Knasel is joining TST with some goals for non - draft olympic distance racing along with performing well at the Dallas Elite Development Draft Legal race in early June. He is a talented athlete and is looking to continue improving with the help of TST Coaching. 

Miles Fowler joins TST turning his focus to long course racing this summer. He is looking to perform very well at the 70.3 distance. He has the capability and bike power to do it. Now its time to put all the pieces together. Welcome to TST!

Reece Linder comes to TST from the great state of Iowa. He recently made the switch from triathlon to cycling and is pursuing some great cycling races this season. Keep an eye out for Reece! 

Jack Kurtz is joining TST all the way from Rockford Illinois. He is an extremely talented and strong athlete with the Top Step Mentality that TST loves! He is committed and ready to get after racing this season. 70.3 Wisconsin on the calendar along with AG worlds in September. Welcome to the team!

Luke Green is an 10year old stud who is an avid fan of triathlon (particularly Ben Kanute). He is a very talented swimmer and is focused on getting a strong swimming base and skill development on the bike before moving on the to bigger and better things in triathlon when he is older!